Trout Fishing on mythical river Nives of the Basque Country

Fishing instructor-guide in Basque country :
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Last news, fishing is open for season 2019 on the rio Irati.

In 2019, I propose you a Fishing pilgrimage on the footsteps of Ernest Hemingway. Only in May and June (Spanish regulations).

Here is a very good article by one of my Australian clients in 2014In the Footsteps of Hemingway by Bob Beamish, New South Wales Rod Fishers’ Society Journal (2014-2015).

Nives rivers system.

In the Basque country, from March to September, in landscapes of a majectic wild beauty, or in the villages with architecture and the exceptional historical character, to practice the art of fly fishing is a must which will take you reach a feeling of plenitude and harmony with nature that you will not forget. Whatever is your level, from beginner to the expert, who are a man or a woman, I would put at your service all my knowledge, technical, pedagogical, naturalists an histories, so that your fishing experience will bring you wild fish, but also an immersion in the culture and the so particular environment of the Basque country. If you are curious to discover esthetics and grace of fly-fishing, initiation that I propose you, should allow you thereafter to evolve in all autonomy. If like me, you already practised a great number of rivers, guidance that I propose you will save you much time on Nives. Certainly rich in wild trout, but who can show yourselves very capricious, with trout whose mistrust equalizes only the beauty.


Fishing territory

Basin of Nives rivers, exceptional inheritance of Basque Country

Constituted by almost 200 kilometer of banks classified as trout and salmon rivers, and with courses of a large variety, Basques Nives will fill the fishermen whatever their level or their physical capacities. The softness of the climate and regular pluviometry make it possible to practice trout or salmon fishing from March to September without much risk of melting snow or severe drought.

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Service rates

Not to harm the quality of teaching or fishing, the number of fishermen that I propose to accompany is voluntarily limited to two.

Guiding - Initiation- proficiency course - for a half day.
4 hours fishing.

1 person 130 €

2 persons

100 € / person

Guiding - Proficiency course - complete day.
8 hours fishing.

1 person 200 €

2 persons

150 € / person

Day fishing on the footstep of Ernerst Hemingway
Between 8 to 9 hours fishing on the rio Irati in Spanish Navarra, Picnic and drinks include (local products).
Only in May and June (Spanish regulations).
Details and images : Rio Irati, pilgrimage on the footstep of Ernest Hemingway.

1 person 250 €

2 persons

175 € / person

3 persons

150 € / person

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